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As soon as the horror takes you underground haha you're pretty much dead. I understand there are some delays with any sort of expansion for the game. It sucks when you wanna create something, but you just don't have the capabilities, and I totally get that. I only have a couple suggestions to consider: Make sure the story and any background info is clear and concise, and try to develop a system of objectives that remain interesting and can make the player feel a sense of accomplishment. Continue developing Dev!

Good work!

I guess full version isn't out yet?


We are sadly delaying it until I get a PC good enough to be able to work on it. Delayed but not cancelled for sure.

sounds good. I'll play it again once finished :)

very cool game

at the end of the game is says the full version is supposed to come out today?


yeah but sadly I’m delaying it until I get a better computer. Delayed for who knows how long. But definitely not cancelled

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looks nice

its the third game in the video and I screamed like a baby lol

Starts at 12:40

This was a nice game! Check out my video please!

Playing this game makes me feel like a child, every turn, every hall way gives me nightmares. Had an absolute blast playing this demo. The outro music was interesting ;)

haha. Also The game is gonna be completley different with better assets an even scarier... BTW the song was ripped from a game called sad satan. Just don't play the game look it up on youtube. I'm dead serious :(

Ooh I found it, Sad Satana that is, now I'm super intrigued thanks for the heads up!

I feel robbed. I was so looking forward to the big reveal. Now i have no choice but to wait for the full release! Can't wait my dude

Your game starts at 8:02

lol Just wait. It's gonna be ten times more scarier

thanks had fun

Awesome i need the full version ;)

You got me intrigued.  I was waiting for a jumpscare at every corner and the ending really caught me by surprise.  Other than that, slick movements which I like but when you transition to a new area (through a door) it's kind of clunky. 

I did 2 games in this video. Dedicate was really cool and actually made me jump lol.  Dedicate starts at 3:14

this game surprised me


godd, the camera movements matched the breath of the character
the slick movements of the characters camera made it super atmospheric and anxious, and it makes you super paranoid, and connects you with the characters situatio

I know Right? It's gonna Be even more scary And With better assets...

Game was fun wish it was a little longer but it is only a demo!

I want to see what more you can do with this game pretty good so far ;D

Thanks. Your video Was pretty funny :)

This shows a lot of promise! I was half expecting a jump scare but was pleasantly surprised that this was more of an atmospheric horror experience, which I personally prefer! Looking forward to seeing what comes next!


thanks! It’s nice to see that you think my game is good and was different than you thought it was 

HI, I played your game and enjoyed it. Had me very anxious the entire time! Can not wait to see the full version, keep up the good work!!

Here is the gameplay on my channel, thank you for your time!

Thanks for reviewing my game :) 

Played the original and was asked to play the new demo, so I did :) Its the first game in the video!

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Thanks! Sorry it wasn't any longer. I'll make the game decently long

i have faith! let me know when you get more into it and I will be happy to play it :)

I've had too many bad experiences in sewer levels, might have tainted this for me.

thanks for the review. And thanks for telling me what I should fix :)

I like the unique approach of the story and it definitely got me! That ending though...

(This is the fourth game on the video)


I really enjoy your short demo it was really fun and creepy and

 video starts at 12:15

thank you

I like this game.Just do it!

the ending is too earrapey

i got so lost lol .


I really like the thought of thought of someone venturing the sewers to escape monsters, but realizing it's not safe there either.

Thanks haha :)

I really enjoyed this game. The jumpscare hella got me, and usually I never actually jump while playing a game. Can't wait for the full version! Very cool.

I've improved the game A little and added more things. Would appreciate if you see the demo :)

It looks great! Those hanging bodies kinda startled me haha. Can't wait til next month!

nahhh i thought scene MADH4.unity will be more interesting (btw after MADH3 the game already loads the main menu), I like this cool atmosphere.

I read a comment that said you will improve the game can’t wait to see how you will make it more scary starts @ 16:45

Yeah lol. I've improved alot of the stuff and removes some things.  This is The BETA. We added some things for The upcoming Demo And hopefully for the full release

We added


fixed errors

better graphics

more monsters

Better ambience and sounds.

We got stuck in the water initially, although, we managed to trek until the very end :p

Thanks for the fun and keep on adding on to this! Little boundry issue but I was able to just restart :)

Thanks. It's The Beta version and alot of bugs are removed in the upcoming Demo :)

Jumpscares got me! Would like to see more if this! Starts at 14:56!

Thank You! The Game Is in Beta a right now and It will be scarier once we release it fully next month...


Hello, I really enjoyed this game, I would like you to subscribe to my youtube channel link:

I was confused by how it ended but nevertheless i enjoyed this 1 thanks dev, heres my gameplay:


thank you. That was just the demo so that's why.